Provide Better Solution for 3C Production

3C industry is a typical mass production industry with strict requirements for CPK, which is not easy to achieve due to the large number of features to be machined on one product. In order to obtain high-accuracy features and meet the CPK needs, more and more companies are exploring an intelligent production pattern and seeking upgrades of production mode. With constant exploration, Jingdiao has helped customer establish a new production and manufacturing system based on manufacture-measurement integration mode. This solution can help you get a more continuous processing and a higher CPK with fewer quality inspectors.

Stainless Steel Accessory Test Piece

Communication Plug-in Component Test Piece

Inner Highlight Chamfer Test Piece

Phone Framework Test Piece

Machining Center


The rigidity of the bed, column and sliding seat is strong, which reduces the influence of structural deformation on the precision of the machine tool, to ensure the high-accuracy of 3C parts processing.

This type of machine tools can achieve a variety of precision machining such as drilling, boring, tapping, milling and grinding, which can process multiple features with one clamping.

It is easier to observe the machining processes with the large windows of the front and side door.


The compact overall structure and high space utilization of machine tools can save your space to the most.

The three-rail support structure is used for the beam to improve the rigidity and stability of machine.

Equipped with self-produced spindle with fast tapping function, which makes the tapping more efficiently and accurately.

Technology Technology

To inspect large numbers of features on 3C products, manual inspection with a variety of measurement tools used to be applied. However, it is highly variable, inefficient, and error-prone. Most importantly, it will interrupt production.

With Jingdiao solution based on OMIM technology, inspection processes are finished inside machines digitally and automatically, which makes it possible to control product quality quantitatively, reduce dependence of inspection on operator and make the production process more continuous.

Input Quality Control(IQC):

Key dimensions of the blank are all inspected and general dimensions are sampled before processing. Unqualified blanks can be intelligently screened out to avoid invalid processing.

Input Process Quality Control(IPQC):

First piece inspection and process inspection can be quickly carried out to avoid the uncertainty of manual inspection and quickly feedback the results.

Output Quality Control(OQC):

The quality of finished products is inspected on machine before outputting, which can reduce the number of shipment inspector and inspection tools.


Information management system is developed for monitoring machine tools’ status and key information such as processing time, measurement time, processing capacity, and machine utilization rate on site. Moreover, based on the acquired big data, key indicators like CPK, capacity is easy to analyze, which can assist production managers to make reasonable decisions.


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