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Complex structure, high material removal rate, extremely high requirement for effects of detail are the main features of medical parts machining.The application of hard-to-cut materials, such as titanium alloy, makes it even more difficult to realize precision machining medical parts.To meet the needs of hard-to-cut material in machining performance, efficiency and accuracy,we‘ve been focused on the research of machining technology of hard-to-cut material,and make a lot of tests and have gradually formed a set of mature and reliable technical solutions.

Knee Joint Test Piece

Bone Plate Test Piece

Orthopedic Surgical Instrument Test Piece

Knee Gasket Test Piece

Bone Plate Test Piece

Forceps Test Piece

Fixation Device Test Piece

Machining Center

GRA Series

Specialized in multi-axis positioning machining and 5-axis simultaneous machining of precision parts and complex hardware with high-efficient and high-quality machining performance.

Application of full-closed control system can realize "0.1μ feeding, 1μ cutting";

Closed-loop control effectively compensates driving error and screw extension caused by heat;

In line with center of gravity driven and has higher dynamic response;

Strong anti-vibration capability gets small tool wear and good surface roughness;

Intelligent 5-axis workpiece alignment is achievable due to the application of OMIM technology;

High-efficient 5-axis simultaneous machining thanks to RTCP function in control system.

Technology Technology

Various processing strategies and path optimization methods in Jingdiao CAD/CAM software:

Various tool feed modes:

The path editing module offers a variety of tool feed modes, such as connection of straight line, internally tangent of arc and tangency of arcs, to ensure the fluency of processing and reduce the traces of tool feeding.

Sharp deceleration function provides guarantee for machining quality:

Through reducing the depth of cut on profile sharp corner in roughing, and machine vibration in high-speed finishing, to extend life of cutting tools and improve the surface quality of workpiece.

Perfect grinding adjustment function supports grinding:

Various wave types can be created, such as triangle wave, sine wave, trapezoidal wave, to ensure the cutting edge of grinding head is fully utilized. The intelligent cone wave function automatically generates a suitable path according to the angle of the grinding head, reducing the difficulty of operation.

Rich path editing function:

It supports path node editing, sorting, interrupting and some other related functions, and can rotate, translate, and array the path to achieve free and fast adjustment of processing order.


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