5-axis Machining for Precision Mold and Precision Parts

X/Y/Z Travel:15.4/20.1/11.8 in.

A/C Travel:-110°~90°/ 360°

Spindle Speed:20000 rpm

Table Size:Φ11.8 in.

Workload:110.2 lbs.


Reasonable Machine Structure

Fixed beam gantry structure and cradle-type double-axis rotary table with tailstock contribute to strong rigidity and stability

Inverted "L" type support structure, three guideway of beam and short-overhang machine head ensure strong anti-vibration capability

A-axis arranged along machine bed reduces impact of X-axis movement on A-axis to improve 5-axis simultaneous machining performance

Comprehensive Guarantee for Precision

Closed-loop control system compensates transmission error and screw thermal expansion caused by temperature variation

Enhanced cooling spindle can be equipped for ultra-precision machining, with lower vibration, less thermal expansion and better thermal stability

High-precision cooling of key heating parts such as the spindle, bearing housing, and motor of rotary table

Heat preservation measures for key castings and fully enclosed protective cover for machine tool reduce the impact of external environment

Jingdiao on-machine measurement system realizes tightly control of tool, fixture and workpiece condition

Use-friendly Operation Design

Open-structure front door is convenient for large workpiece hoisting

Short distance between front door and center of rotary table makes operation convenient

Pneumatic, lubrication and gas-liquid booster components installed on the right side of machine makes it convenient to check and maintain

Example Workpiece

Turbocharger Impeller

Tibia Plate

Mirror HUD Mold Test Piece

3D Glass Hot Bend Mold Test Piece

4-position Anterior Cervical Plate Processing

Composite Machining Test Piece

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