HGA2000 3-Axis High-speed Machining Center

For Very Large Size Die Molds and Precision Hardware

JINGDIAO's high precision HGA2000 3-axis high-speed machining center is designed for the machining of large precision die molds and precision hardware resulting high-efficient and high-quality machining performances. JINGDIAO designs and manufacturers key machine components including the controller, and spindle, which results in unmatched machining speed, and micron level accuracies. Additionally, JINGDIAO's own proprietary manufacturing practices further enhances the machine’s performance.

X/Y/Z Travel:78.7 / 31.5 / 13.8 in.

Spindle Speed:20,000 rpm

Optional:24,000 rpm

Table Size:80.7 / 33.5 in.

Workload:4409.2 lbs.

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Example Workpiece

spinneret micro hole

spinneret micro hole

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