Vertical Machining for Precision Hardware Parts
and High-precision Die Mold

X/Y/Z Travel:15.7/ 15.7/ 7.9 in.

Spindle Speed:28000 rpm

Table Size:20.9 × 16.9 in.

Workload:661.5 lbs.


Stable and Reliable Structure

Portal symmetrical design leads to good thermal symmetry

Inverted L braced structure used on X-axis improves structure rigidity and vibration resistance

Disc tool magazine is easy to maintain

Using FEM to optimize structure and manufacture

Small footprint due to compact internal space design

Comprehensive Guarantee for Precision

Closed-loop control system

Damping material filled in main structural parts improves vibration resistance

Heat insulation applied to main structural parts reduces effect of temperature

Jingdiao inverter refrigerator is used for cooling spindle and screw

Compensation technology of control system improves machining accuracy and precision

In Line with Ergonomics

Handel position and force used, position and size of observation window, operation panel, height of worktable accord with principles of ergonomics

Layout of machine makes it easy to maintain every component

Design of appearance is beautiful but industrial, operator can focus on processing

Easy to Realize Automation

Automatic door optional on the right side of machine

Example Workpiece

Copper Electrode

Lamp Cover Mold

Small Hole Workpiece

Micron Level 4-direction Fitting Workpiece

Optical Light Mold

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