Graphite Machining Center

Wholesome dust collecting and dust-proof design can effectively isolate graphite dust and protect components from being damaged by the dust.
Closed loop control system makes it perfect for machining graphite die mold and electrode.

X/Y/Z Travel: 23.6/ 19.7/ 10.2 in.

Spindle Speed: 28000 rpm

Table Size: 24.4 × 20.5 in.

Workload: 661.5 lbs.


Structure Design for Graphite Machining

Non-machining zone is completely isolated to avoid damage to drive system caused by graphite dust

Double-layer protection for X and Y axes effectively eliminates the erosion of graphite dust on precision parts

Positive pressure sealing technology is applied to three axes to avoid graphite dust entering the gap

Machine-head-side dust collecting and worktable dust collecting are used to effectively improve dust collecting rate

Outstanding Machining Performance

Lead screw cooling technology is used to control thermal displacement

Suitable for many kinds of graphite processing including micro milling, precision milling, drilling

Example Workpiece

Graphite Electrode

Graphite Small Hole

Graphite Electrode

Graphite Electrode

Graphite Hot Bending Die

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