3-axis Machining for Large Precision Mold

X/Y/Z Travel:47.2/ 31.5/ 13.8 in.

Spindle Speed:20000 rpm

Table Size:49.2 × 33.5 in.

Workload:2205 lbs.


Optimal Structural Design

Portal symmetrical structure and good thermal symmetry

Three rails heightened structure, strong structural rigidity

Integrated chip conveyor with excellent chip evacuation capability

Outstanding machining performance

With spindle cooling technology

Good anti-vibration capacity

Using 150S synchronous spindle, which can realize various precision machining such as drilling, boring, tapping, milling and grinding

Machining accuracy and motion accuracy optimized by JD50 CNC system

Excellent Human-Machine Interaction

The side position operation mode is adopted, and the front door is reserved for the lifting space, and the loading and unloading is more convenient

Increase the magazine control box. It is convenient for the operator to change the tool

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