3-axis Machining for Glass Panels and Ceramic

X/Y/Z Travel:23.6/ 17.7/ 6.3 in.

Spindle Speed:32000 rpm

Table Size:25.2 × 23.2 in.

Workload:330.8 lbs.


Optimal Structural Design

The symmetrical and force closed-loop fixed beam portal structure makes the machine high rigidity and stable accuracy

With large feeding space, it can be equipped with a four-axis or five-axis rotary table

Equipped with side-placed stainless steel cutting fluid tank, the cooling effect is great due to the surround multi-headed nozzle for cooling

Equipped with vacuum filtration drainage device, vacuum negative pressure gauge, and vacuum fixture, it can quickly load and unload, and protect the glass panel and vacuum pump

Outstanding Machining Performance

Equipped with self-produced motorized spindle, it has strong anti-vibration ability and can effectively reduce the amount of collapse of the glass contour

The bed and beam adopt vibration-damping technology to ensure the machine tool has good precision retentivity

Equipped with large-flow water pump and annular cooling nozzle, the tool cooling is comprehensive and sufficient, which can effectively extend the tool life

Excellent Human-Machine Interaction

Machine protective cover equipped with automatic door

Equipped with a side-placed cutting fluid tank for easy cleaning of the chips

This company has a wealth of technical reserves in the field of glass machining, to provide customers with a all-around professional technical support

Example Workpiece

Ceramics Small Hole

Ceramics Workpiece

Ceramics Workpiece

Ceramics Workpiece

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