3-axis Machining for 3C Products
and Small Precision Mold

X/Y/Z Travel: 15.7/ 15.7/ 6.3 in.

Spindle Speed: 36000 rpm

Table Size: 18.9 × 17.7 in.

Workload: 220.5 lbs.


Optimal Structural Design

The overall structure of the machine tool is compact and the space utilization rate is high

The symmetrical and force closed-loop fixed beam portal structure has high rigidity and uniform thermal deformation

Equipped with self-produced electric spindle, high speed and strong anti-vibration ability

Outstanding Machining Performance

The bed and beam are vibration-damping technology to ensure the machine has good dynamic performance

Equipped with annular cooling nozzle for good cooling and long tool life

Excellent Human-Machine Interaction

The machine shield is equipped with a front automatic door

Equipped with a lateral coolant tank for easy cleaning of the chips

Example Workpiece

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