3-axis Machining for 3C Products、Small Hardware
and Precision Mold

X/Y/Z Travel: 21.7/ 15.7/ 13.8 in.

Spindle Speed: 24000 rpm

Table Size: 23.2 × 17.3 in.

Workload: 330.8 lbs.


Optimal Structural Design

The overall structure of the machine tool is compact and the space utilization rate is high

The symmetrical and force closed-loop fixed beam portal structure has high rigidity and uniform thermal deformation

The beam adopts a three-rail support structure to improve the rigidity and smoothness of the machine

Outstanding Machining Performance

Using screw and spindle cooling technology to reduce the effect of temperature on machine tool accuracy

Equipped with self-produced electric spindle with fast tapping function

Excellent Human-Machine Interaction

The front door adopts a safety door lock to prevent danger caused by misoperation during processing

Example Workpiece

Stainless Steel Phone House

Phone Frame

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