3-axis Machining for Product Processing
with Double-spindle

X/Y/Z Travel: 23.6/ 15.7/ 13.0 in.

Spindle Speed: 24000 rpm

Table Size: 32.7 × 15.7 in.

Workload: 661.5 lbs.


Optimal Structural Design

Double Z-axis structure can be used for simultaneous processing of double positions, and the processing efficiency can be increased by 85%

Each spindle is equipped with a 24-tool site disk type magazine. The tool change time is 1.2 seconds with a manipulator

The machine adopts “inverted L” type single column cross slide structure with high rigidity and high stability

Outstanding Machining Performance

The use of screw cooling technology and turntable cooling technology effectively suppress the adverse effects of temperature rise on machine tool accuracy

The bed chip conveyor structure is adopted, and the chip discharging ability is strong

Achieve a variety of precision machining such as drilling, boring, tapping, milling and grinding

Excellent Human-Machine Interaction

The left and right heads can move independently

It can realize independent tool change in double tool magazine, and both left and right spindles can perform tool setting and online measurement at the same time

Example Workpiece

Fingertips Gyro

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