High-speed Machining Centers Make Molding Process Smooth

The story takes place in the mold city of China, Huangyan, Zhejiang. The protagonist of the story is an old customer of Jingdiao, who manages a small mold factory and has been engaged in mold manufacturing for many years. Its processing business contains two parts, CNC machining and mold testing. In a recent visit, he mentioned his trouble.

He said:"In mold production, the contradiction often happens between CNC operator and molding staff. As a manager, I have no right to speak on this. What I can do is persuading these two groups of people to maintain the balanced situation. "

In fact, he knows the key to this problem is that there is no data standard between two sides. In order to clarify criterion of judgement, he purchased a CMM.

After inspection, it was found that the problem occurred in CNC process. But what happened next is even more embarrassing. They don't know how to solve the problem. And the operator began to complain: " The process, tools and equipment are the same, but the machining results are different, sometimes qualified, and sometimes unqualified. I don't know how to improve the unqualified. If there must be a correction, the only one solution is to process it one more time, but the result is still unknown."

This state lasted for a period of time, and the contradiction between the CNC operator and molding staff was not alleviated. The re-processing and repeated debugging still exist in the two production sections, and the cycle of mold manufacturing is still uncontrollable.

We found that his problem is similar to a client's problem who is in Dalian and is in export mold industry. On one hand, the client's upstream users require shorter delivery time and stable quality. On the other hand, their production organization was not smooth, and there were risks in terms of delivery and quality.

To solve these problems, he chose Jingdiao high-speed machining centers. Due to the machine's high-precision surface processing capability, especially suitable for mold surface. Another reason was because the machine can quantify the result of each processing step which helps CNC operator locate problem and optimize the process. It turns out, this customer's choice was right. After purchasing Jingdiao high-speed machining centers, the production became smooth, no repair was needed in molding.

Once listening to this story, he said:" This is indeed a new idea and has not been used in mold city. And I'm willing to try it in my workshop."

We were pleased to help him and set up a team for this project immediately. The team was responsible for analyzing risks, designing plans and scheduling progress. After which the machines entered the factory, and started program verification in cooperation with customer.

After about half a year, we visited his factory again. The first thing we found was that there was no loud noise in the workshop, and the molding staff was not as busy as before. The client was very excited to meet us and told us the changes happened in the workshop.

He said:"After using Jingdiao high-speed machining centers, the quality of CNC is a lot more stable than before. In particular, the surface precision is very accurate. When it comes to the model matching stage, it can only be repaired without tools."

When we asked his feeling, he said: " I have been engaged in this industry for many years. There is a problem that's been bothering me, why the quality of the finished products is different when we use the same machine, tools and programs? After using Jingdiao machine tools, I realized that actually many elements are changing during processing. Such as, residual material distribution, clamping position, tool clamping, tool wear and tool deformation are deyond our control. But Jingdiao machine tools can not only detect the error amount of each step, but also provide specific improvement measures. Once the problem is located, the analysis of process can be controlled. "

The division of labor was changing too. The most obvious one is that there used to be 20 molding workers, but now there are only 17. But the mold production capacity has been greatly improved than before.

At last, he said:" Through this thing, I totally understand what I heard before, the advance of process can be told from the tool. "