Our service is what can help you to a achieve a better development

Service System
A win-win situation

Jingdiao builds a comprehensive service network in order to deliver you fast and effective solutions,

so that we can help you choose the right Jingdiao machine tools and use them to their full potential.

Customization & Upgrade
Your needs are our first priority

In order to meet the diversified needs of customers for the Jingdiao products and ensure that the development of customers is not restricted by equipment, Jingdiao provides customers with precise restructuring and customized services based on the existing product series. Through product upgrading and product customization, the production performance is greatly improved, the customer's individual needs are met, and the customer's high-speed development is better served.

Engineering Service
Fast response, full coverage, professional service

The most prominent characteristic of our service work is providing professional engineering technical service for you. To respond quickly, we build a professional service team which is consisted of more than 1,200 engineers. They can provide one-on-one service including technical support, staff training and equipment maintenance to maximize the on-site operation of machine tools purchased by you.

Technical Training
Sufficient human resources supply

In order to help you make full use of Jingdiao machine tools’ performance and improve the machining efficiency and effect, we construct a training system through integrating our own technical advantages and customer’s requirements to provide you technical training and professional human resources.

Service Institution
More than 40 branches can provide you 24/7 service globally