As the high speed machining center which is capable of realizing more than twenty kinds of precision machining, Jingdiao CNC Machine Tool can effectively reduce the process decomposition, facilitate the balance of production takt, greatly contribute to the production organization, and enhance the continuity of production. It can be used in many industries including precision workpiece machining, precision and ultra-precision electrode machining, precision mold & die machining, 5-axis machining. Complete solutions can be customized.

Product Design Center is responsible for new Jingdiao CNC Machine Tool product in design, development, trial production, assembly, test etc.. It is the most innovative team in Beijing Jingdiao. Since the establishment of Beijing Jingdiao. At the same time, this department undertakes the task of designing the Jingdiao CNC Machine Tool parts, including high-precision direct-drive rotary table, refrigerator, filtering system, special fixture etc.