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Hemaq Named Exclusive Mexico Distributor for Jingdiao

JDNA Appoints Hemaq as their Mexico Dealer

Hemaq is named the exclusive Mexico distributor for Jingdiao. Jingdiao high-speed precision machining centers are now exclusively available from and supported by Hemaq whose HQ is based in Monterrey, Mexico. Since 1988, #Hemaq has provided high-quality machine tool solutions throughout Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.  “We are fortunate to partner with a high-precision machining center like Jingdiao who also makes its own automation and CAM software said Enrique Gritzewsky Hemaq's CEO.

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JDNA Welcomes New Colleagues

JDNA Welcomes Jonathan DeAssis

Jingdiao North America has appointed #JonathanDeAssis as their new Midwest Regional Sales Manager. In this new role, Jonathan will be responsible for expanding sales and supporting existing customers and dealers in the Midwest region. This new position was created due to the sales growth of Jingdiao machines in the Midwest region. Jonathan DeAssis has a diverse machine tool background with experience in the automotive, medical, and die/mold industries. Jonathan is a Chicago native, a graduate of Northern Illinois University, and will be based out of Jingdiao’s Mt. Prospect, IL office. His older brother Otavio works for #Gosiger who are an exclusive Jingdiao dealer.

JDNA Welcomes Tom Chen

Jingdiao North America welcomes Tom Chen as the newest member of our team.

Tom is from our Xi'an Office in China. 

He graduated from Northwest Polytechnic University Mingde College with a major in Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering. 

Tom is an excellent cook and is a fan of the Milwaukee Bucks.

JDNA Welcomes Jerry Li

Jingdiao North America welcomes Jerry Li as the newest member of our team. Jerry is from our Xi'an Office in China. 

He graduated from the Xi'an University of Technology and has a degree in Mechanical Automation. 

He had been with Jingdiao for over 4 years. He enjoys swimming and traveling. This is Jerry's first time in the USA, he is looking forward to meeting customers.

JDNA Welcomes David Wang

Jingdiao North America welcomes David Wang as the newest member of our team. David is from our Xi'an Office in China. He graduated from the Lanzhou University of Technology and has a degree in Mechanical Automation. He had been with Jingdiao for over 6 years. He enjoys traveling and playing basketball. This is David's first time in the USA and is looking forward to traveling and seeing the USA.

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So Much Praise Get in Milan, Italy, JINGDIAO Variety Precision Machining Application Solution to The World

EMO 2021 European machine tool exhibition was held in Milan, Italy, from October 4th to 9th. As a world super exhibition in the field of metal processing and machine tools,(As the world's super exhibition in the field of metalworking and machine tools,) with a total exhibition area of more than 100,000㎡, more than 700 exhibitors from 34 countries all over the world gathered in the new Milan exhibition hall to display exchange and innovative solutions and participate in the world grand event of metal processing.

Beijing JINGDIAO was also invited to participate in the exhibition with the theme of "Application of JINGDIAO 5-axis high-speed machining center in the field of precision machining". In six days, JINGDIAO machines GRTA150, GRTA300, automation unit and various fields samples like precision grinding parts, high precision electronic connector, precision milling composite machining parts, medical instruments are all attracted with the high attention of audiences all over the world.

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2021CIMT, JINGDIAO Micro Parts Machinig Show Perfect Ending

From April 12 to April 17, 2021, the 17th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT2021) was grandly held in Beijing International Exhibition Center (New Hall), and Beijing JINGDIAO appeared in booth W4-A001 with the theme of "Processing Exhibition of micron parts of Beijing JINGDIAO 5-axis high-speed machining center".

New product JDMRT600 made the first appearance here, it’s a 5-axis high-speed machining center used for composite processing of parts weighing up to 881.8 lb, independent research and development of high-speed precision spindle, speed up to 15000rpm, each straight line axis can move fast up to 48m/min, efficient and stable processing, equipped with 64 bit chain tool magzaine, to meet the needs of different parts of the composite processing, equipped with spray system and embedded chip disposal system, they can realize efficient chip disposal in the processing and greatly reduce the frequency of manual cleaning of waste.

In addition, a full range of Beijing JINGDIAO 5-axis high-speed machining centers and a variety of micron precision test pieces and samples displayed to exhibitors and visitors around the world.

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In 2021 ITES, JINGDIAO Full Series of 5-Axis High Speed Machining Center Debut

From March 30 to April 2, 2021 ITES Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology Exhibition and SIMM 22nd Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition were successfully held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an new hall).

Beijing JINGDIAO appeared at the exhibition with a full range of JINGDIAO 5-axis high-speed machining centers to discuss and display the mysteries of micron parts processing with audiences. Beijing JINGDIAO hold a live video streaming event that attracked nearly 100,000 people visited, and so many people wonder about the development of us said it’s impressive and wonderful.

JDGR50(北美版GRA50) is the world's first appearance machine in this exhibition. It’s currently the smallest and lightest 5-axis high speed machining center of beijing JINGDIAO. Its birth was marked by the addition of a new member to the 5-axis high speed machining center family of Beijing JINGDIAO. Since then, the JINGDIAO 5-axis high-speed machining center formed a journey from small to large GRA50, GRA100, GRA150, GRA200, GRA300, GRA400, GRA500, MRA600 complete whole family series, can meet the precision processing needs of different sizes of parts.

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Jingdiao North America names Gosiger as their Exclusive U. S. Distributor for High Speed and Graphite Machining Centers

Mt. Prospect, IL – Jingdiao high-speed precision machining centers for manufacturers of die/mold, medical, aerospace, automotive and energy products, and graphite components are now exclusively available from and supported by the 8 nationwide facilities that include Washington, California, Michigan (east and west), Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida and their corporate headquarters in Dayton, Ohio.

With more than 100,000 machines in service worldwide, Jingdiao is a major supplier of 3- and 5-axis high precision machining centers focused on small, complex components. Time and labor-saving features include integrated online measurement and intelligent modification technology coupled with SurfMill CAD/CAM software to eliminate interruption of the machining process for offline parts inspection. To ensure clean, precise production of graphite electrodes and glass molds, Jingdiao graphite machining centers have a unique dust-proof, positive air pressure design.

Gosiger will provide installation, training, maintenance, replacement parts, and technical support for Jingdiao machines, as it does for all products it represents.

To learn more, visit

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JDNA Welcomes Kevin Liu

New Partner Coming

Jingdiao North America welcomes Kevin Liu (AKA “SPINDLE”) as the newest member of their team. Kevin is a service engineer from our world headquarters and has installed over 200 machines, during his 6 years with Jingdiao. Kevin is well-traveled and is making his third trip to the USA. He has a degree in mechanical engineering, enjoys the NBA and his favorite player is Kobe Bryant.

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JDNA Welcomes Sven Huang

New Partner Coming

JINGDIAO North America Welcomes Sven Huang, newest member of our team. Sven is a highly skilled application engineer from our world headquarters. He has a degree in mechanical engineering had been with Jingdiao for over 10 years. This is Sven's second time in the U.S.A. and enjoys the friendliness of the American people.

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Oh Christmas Tree Machined on a Jingdiao 5 Axis Machining Center

Oh Christmas Tree Machined on a Jingdiao 5 Axis Machining Center,watch the video to explore

Merry Christmas!

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Jingdiao Welcomes Tim Peng

New partner coming

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It’s A Mirror Finish

Mirror finishing, so cool!

Jingdiao 5 axes' high-speed precision machining centers have the abilities of 0.1µm movement, and 1µm cutting which makes it capable of cutting parts with mirror finishes. Combined with our on-machine measurement software, we can machine a consistent minimal amount of material before moving onto the next step which is critical for stable machining resulting in the mirror finish. Machining with CBN and PCD tools also contributes to the mirror finish. In this video, the workpiece material is STAVAX steel (HRC50), and the finish is Sa of less than 10nm. Often for lens molds, hand polishing is not an option so using a machine like the Jingdiao 5 axis high-speed mill for mirror finishing is the best solution.

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Titanium Bone Plate

Titanium Bone Plate machining Comparison between simulation and Practice

Video clip of computer simulation & actual 5 axis machining of a titanium bone plate milled on a Jingdiao HSM Running a computer simulation will alert the programmer of a potential collision between the spindle and workpiece, fixture and 5th axis and the programmer can take necessary precautions in order to avoid a collision. This gives the operator peace of mind by assuring that a collision will not take place.

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On Machine Measurement

Makes tolerance judging easy for the operator by using Jingdiao’s on machine measurement technology

Jingdiao’s on machine measurement software displays an accuracy heat map of the probed part which makes it easy for the operator to see if the part is within tolerance and if not take the required action necessary before removing the part from the machine.

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Jingdiao’s April 2021 E-Newsletter

Hey CNC machinist & mold makers, learn more about Jingdiao's high-speed machining centers' price-performance advantages in our latest e-news.

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JINGDIAO CAM software SurfMill9.5 Obtained German PTB Authority Certification

JINGDIAO CAM software SurfMill9.5 was passed the strict test implemented by the German National Meteorology Institute of PTB for surface and curve fitting algorithm, and obtained the highest accuracy certification of PTB Gaussian least squares fitting algorithm. All results obtained with the software under test deviated from the PTB results by less than 0.1μm in length features and 0.1μ in angular features.

This Certification indicates that the accuracy and reliability of the on-line measurement algorithm of JINGDIAO CAM software SurfMill9.5 has reached the international standard.

JINGDIAO CAM software SurfMill9.5 is a special 5-axis precision machining. After more than 20 years of continuous accumulation, SurfMill9.5 has perfect 5-axis process development, measurement process design, management and control program planning and other characteristic functional modules, and is widely used in precision, ultra precision machining, precision grinding, metal parts batch processing and other fields, with 120,000 users.

The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in is the national institute for science and technology and the highest technical authority of the Federal Republic of Germany for the field of meteorology and certain sectors of safety engineering. The PTB comes under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Economics. It meets the requirements for calibration and testing laboratories, certification and accreditation bodies defined in standards ISO/IEC 17025. The PTB certification was recognized as the first-class index of software accuracy, compatibility and reliability.

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JINGDIAO North America exhibited their 5 axes machining center at the Amerimold 2019

JINGDIAO North America exhibited their 5 axes machining center-GRA200 at the Amerimold 2019. This was JINGDIAO’s debut appearance the show.

The show took place June 12-13 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center located in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, IL.It is an annual event for Mold Manufacturing. Its attendees are owners, executives, engineers and managers at OEMs and contract manufacturers, and exhibitors are equipment suppliers, service providers and tool & mold makers.

JINGDIAO also demonstrated their SurfMill is universal CAD/CAM software and their on-machine measurement technology which ensures accurate parts. This technology combine with the JINGDIAO machine design reduces multiple set-ups, eliminates secondary benchwork.

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JINGDIAO North America Announces New Midwest Regional Sales Manager

JINGDIAO North America, a manufacturer of ultra-precision, high-speed machining centers has appointed P.J. Naughton as their new Midwest Regional Sales Manager. Based in the JINGDIAO’s North American Mt. Prospect, Il headquarters, Naughton will be responsible for supporting customers and dealers in the Midwest region.

Naughton has over 30 years of machine tool experience. He has always been associated with high precision machine tool related companies and his experience will match well with JINGDIAO’s line of high-quality machining solutions. He has a wide array of experience including applications, marketing and sales. "This is perhaps the most exciting time of my life to work with a high-quality manufacturer like JINGDIAO whose machines can produce parts that were once thought of as impossible."

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