As a R&D leading company, we develop products and technologies based on our high-speed machining center to realize higher accuracy, higher efficiency, more stable and continuous processing.


Software is what we've been researched for more than two decades. Beyond the convenience and safety, the seamless integration with Jingdiao CNC system and large data calculation capability provide strong support for high-efficient use of Jingdiao machines, and make it possible to realize intelligent machining.

Distinctive Technologies

The reason we can develop technologies that can solve extremely difficult problems is due to Jingdiao’s advantage of complete product system from software to hardware. You’ll benefit from these technologies not only easy-to-use and good performance but also high productivity and low cost.

Automation Solution for Electrode

We always believe stability and reliability are the precondition for automation. Comprehensive fool proof strategy and OMIM technology are applied necessarily by JIngdiao engineers to realize continuous automatic machining.